After honorably serving my country after a 7 year obligatory service in the U.S. Navy, I attended and graduated from Auburn University with a Degree in Health Sciences. Even while deployed in the military, health was always a key part of my life. It has always been a passion of mine and I thoroughly enjoy teaching others about health and the importance of maintaining it. Most of us realize that proper nutrition and exercise are both critical components to helping maintain proper body weight. And to neglect your own health can be very costly.

As a chiropractic doctor for over 20 years I have specialized in tailoring each patient’s health goals around moving well, thinking well, and eating well. I counsel with each patient about their health care needs by primarily partnering with them and educating them about how the body systems work, how they are designed (put together) and also the importance of being proactive about their health. Most of us live life at a frantic pace and this (over time) causes increases in stress levels and can have dire effects on a person’s health. I now understand why 70% of women state that they struggle with managing weight, struggle with balancing their hormone levels , and suffering with low energy levels which depresses the immune system and can contribute to fatigue or adrenal burnout. Lastly, The American diet is killing us! Did your realize that we are one of the most advanced and influential countries in the world, yet we are one of the most nutritionally deficient countries on the Globe. If we want to live our lives to the fullest then we need to understand the importance of being healthy